saul abreu.jpeg

Saul Abreu

William Paterson University, Biological Sciences, Co-Participant in INSPIRE

ashton aleman.jpeg

Ashton Aleman

University of South Carolina- Columbia, Chemical Engineering, Co-Participant in Green Energy Technology (GET-UP) REU

Alomary, Simona.jpg

Simona Alomary

Rutgers University, Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Co-Participant in RUP-IMSD

Alvarez Sara Martina .JPG

Sara Martina Alvarez

Colorado College, Comparative Literature, Co-Participant in GSEF

shabree anthony.jpeg

Shabree Anthony

University of the Virgin Islands, Chemistry, Co-Participant in SURF

gloria awuku.jpeg

Gloria Awuku

Rutgers University, Biological Sciences, Co-Participant in RUP-IMSD

juan ayala.jpeg

Juan Ayala

University of Florida, Biomedical Engineering, Co-Participant in Cellular Bioengineering (CB) REU

steven ayoub.jpeg

Steven Ayoub

California State University- Northridge, Chemistry

alyssa brady.jpeg

Alyssa Brady

Salisbury University, Engineering, Co-Participant in Cellular Bioengineering (CB) REU

diomara camacho-orozco.jpeg

Diomara Camacho-Orozco

Rutgers University, Biological Sciences, Co-Participant in RUP-IMSD

naomi campos.jpeg

Naomi Campos

CUNY Medgar Evers College, Biological Sciences, Co-Participant in INSPIRE

zachary clifford 2.jpeg

Zachary Clifford

University of Maryland- Baltimore County, Chemistry, Co-Participant in Green Energy Technology (GET-UP) REU

andrea corbin.jpeg

Andrea Corbin

Sarah Lawrence College, Biomedical Engineering, Co-Participant in Cellular Bioengineering (CB) REU

jordan cox.jpeg

Jordan Cox

Dickinson College, Chemistry, Co-Participant in Advanced Materials

Dacquel, Jocelyn.jpg

Jocelyn Dacquel

Rutgers University, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Co-Participant in RUP-IMSD

justin damon.jpeg

Justin Damon

University of Maryland- College Park, Chemical Engineering, Co-Participant in Green Energy Technology (GET-UP) REU

louis durosier.jpeg

Louis Durosier

Fairleigh Dickinson University- Teaneck, Biological Sciences, Co-Participant in INSPIRE

george echeverria.jpeg

George Echeverria

Rutgers University, Biochemistry, Co-Participant in RUP-IMSD

kelly enriquez.jpeg

Kelly Enriquez

Farmingdale State University, Biological Sciences

jael estrada.jpeg

Jael Estrada

Drew University, Environmental Sciences, Co-participant in R3C and Green Energy Technology (GET-UP) REU

mohammad fauzan.jpeg

Mohammad Fauzan

New Jersey City University, Biological Sciences, Co-participant in Cellular Bioengineering and INSPIRE

alexandra fonseca.jpeg

Alexandra Fonseca

University of Puerto Rico- Mayaguez, Chemical Engineering, Co-participant in Green Energy Technology (GET-UP) REU

Garcia, Kristen.jpg

Kristen Garcia

Boise State University, Applied Mathematics, Co-participant in Cellular Bioengineering (CB) REU

Gonzalez, Elmer.jpg

Elmer Gonzalez

University of Puerto Rico- Mayaguez, Chemistry, Co-participant in R3C and Green Energy Technology (GET-UP) REU

Groot, Nathalie.jpg

Nathalie Groot

Virginia Polytech Institute and State University, Biological Sciences

Hassanpourgol, Hana.jpg

Hana Hassanpourgol

Beloit College, International Relations and Religious Studies, Co-participant in GSEF

Hillman Elani .JPG

Elani Hillman

Rutgers University, Genetics, Co-participant in RUP-IMSD

Irizarry, Emanuel.JPG

Emanuel Irizarry

University of Puerto Rico- Mayaguez, Chemistry, Co-participant in Advanced Materials

Khramova, Galyna.jpg

Galyna Khramova

University of Florida, Chemistry, Co-participant in Protein Data Bank

Kim Kelly.jpg

Kelly Kim

Rutgers University, Chemical Engineering, Co-participant in Advanced Materials

Lionetti, Sondra.png

Sondra Lionetti

College of New Jersey, Chemistry

Lomeli, Nahtalee.jpg

Nahtalee Lomeli

University of California- Irvine, Chemical Engineering, Cellular Bioengineering (CB) REU

Mantle Lanette .jpg

Lanette Mantle

Rutgers University , Biological Sciences, Co-Participation in RUP-IMSD

Marino, Paulina.jpg

Paulina Marino

Fairleigh Dickinson University- Teaneck, Biological Sciences, Co-Participation in INSPIRE

Mays, Mikis.jpg

Mikis Mays

Savannah State University, Civil Engineering, Co-Participation in Advanced Materials

McDermott, Liam.jpg

Liam McDermott

Iowa State University, Physics, Co-Participation in Green Energy Technology (GET-UP) REU 


Emily Mitchell

Presbyterian College, Physics


Rebecca Mulwa

Rutgers University, Biological Sciences, Co-Participation in RUP-IMSD 

Ogungbesan, Oluwalade.jpg

Oluwalade Ogungbesan

University of Maryland- Baltimore County, Chemical Engineering, Co-Participation in Cellular Bioengineering (CB) REU 

padilla-duran Cassiel .jpg

Cassiel Padilla

University of Puerto Rico- Aguadilla, Biological Sciences

Peralta, Pauli.jpg

Pauli Peralta

Rutgers University, Computer Science

Peralta, Valeria.jpeg

Valeria Peralta

Colorado College, Russian Studies, Co-Participation in GSEF

Rios Delgado, Gustavo.jpg

Gustavo Rios Delgado

University of Puerto Rico- Mayaguez, Biotechnology, Co-Participation in Cellular Bioengineering (CB) REU

Rivera Cruz, Gabriela.jpg

Gabriela Rivera Cruz

University of Puerto Rico- Mayaguez, Chemistry

Rivera Iglesias, Emmanuel.jpg

Emmanuel Rivera Iglesias

University of Puerto Rico- Rio Piedras, Chemistry

Rivera-Cardona , Santos.jpg

Santos Rivera-Cardona

University of Puerto Rico- Mayaguez, Political Science

Rodriguez, Justin.JPG

Justin Rodriguez

Rutgers University, Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Co-Participation in RUP-IMSD


Luis Rodriguez-Mendoza

Rutgers University, Ecology and Natural Resources, Co-Participation in RUP-IMSD

Rojas, Catherine.png

Catherine Rojas

Stockton University, Biochemistry, Co-Participation in SURF

Ryerson, Kyrsten Mckenzie.JPG

Kyrsten McKenzie Ryerson

Biola University, Physics, Co-Participation in Green Energy Technology (GET-UP) REU

Sanabria, Maria.jpg

Maria Sanabria

University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras, Nutrition and Dietetics 

Scheidemann, Erin.jpg

Erin Scheidemann

College of New Jersey, Biological Sciences

Sciarrone Emily .JPG

Emily Sciarrone

Clemson University, Engineering, Co-participation in Advanced Materials 

Servius, Hardler.png

Hardler Servius

Hofstra University, Biochemistry

Seymore, Talia.jpg

Talia Seymore

Pennsylvania State University, Toxicology, Co-participation in SURF

Shahabuddin, Syed.jpg

Syed Shahabuddin

City College of New York, Engineering, Co-participation in Cellular Bioengineering (CB) REU

Singh, Jitendra.png

Jitendra Singh

New York City College of Technology, Biological Sciences, Co-participation in Protein Data Bank

Stephney, Lydia.jpg

Lydia Stephney

Atlanta Metropolitan College, Nutrition Science

Tam, Acacia.jpg

Acacia Tam

Cornell University, Biomedical Engineering, Co-participation in Advanced Materials

Taylor Jaylen.jpeg

Jaylen Taylor

Eastern Michigan University, Biochemistry, Co-participation in SURF

Tetali, Akhila.jpg

Akhila Tetali

College of New Jersey, Biomedical Engineering, Co-participation in Cellular Bioengineering (CB) REU

Torres, Alexis.jpg

Alexis Torres

University of Puerto Rico- Mayaguez, Biotechnology, Co-participation in Advanced Materials

YUN, DANA  photo 2-better qual.jpg

Dana Yun

University of Illinois- Urbana, Engineering, Co-participation in Advanced Materials

Zhu, Qing.jpg

Qing Zhu

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Physics, Co-participation in Advanced Materials