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2017 Symposium


Project Title

Maria Adrover

Emmanuel E. Alvarez

Christian Álvarez Sánchez 

Zeiny B. Aubdoollah

Angelica M. Barreto-Galvez 

Ana Berthel

Philip Binaco

Immanuella Boah

Matthew Bredder

Vincent Cali

Brittany J. Camacho

Anne Cardenas

Dennis Chacko 

Crystal Clements

Rebecca Davis

Jennifer Delgado

Eric R. Dubofsky

Bresasha Duquaine

Callie Ellis

Mario Gaviria

Joshua Goddard

Kenny Gonzalez-Rivera

Kevin Guerrero

Firehiwot W. Gurara

Audrey Hao

Daisy A. Hernandez

Megan Hupp 

Erin Jennings

Zichen Lao 

Carolina Leynes

Juan J. Lopez

Héctor Loyola Irizarry

Ricardo Navarro

Kevin Nolasco

Mary Anne Nova

Chielozor Okafor

Lauren Ostopowicz

Exequiel Punzalan

Maricely Ramírez-Hernández

Emran Reshid

Rebecca Revilla

Kristal Reyes-Sanchez

Alyssa Rodriguez

Priscilla Salcedo

Natalie Samper

Kaylie Sheehan

Amanda M. Solbach

Christopher J. Stabile

Victor Manuel Suarez

Ariadna Uribe

Monica Wall

Rose Warren

"Analyzing the evolutionary origin of bacterial drug-resistant enzymes in 3D"

"Imaging the emission angle distribution of semiconducting conjugated polymer thin films on nanohole silver surface"

"A comparison of dark adaptation techniques in flash electroretinography"

"Investigation of novel coatings for aluminum particles for composite dielectric materials"

"Therapy for Wound Healing"

"Studying role of formins in morphogenesis using C.elegans model organism"

"A computational framework for genome-wide pathway activity analysis: a case study in methylprednisolone"

"Determining the Toxicity Effects of Polymers Synthesized using PET-Raft"

"𝐼𝐼𝑛𝑛 𝑣𝑣𝑖𝑖𝑣𝑣𝑜𝑜 T cell responses to B lymphomas in the draining lymph node and spleen of transplanted M-TRAF3-/- mice"

"Effects of resonance breathing on subjective craving and neural reactivity to alcohol cues"

"Hydroxyapatite Mineralization by Nacre WSM Proteins"

"No Man Walks Alone Anymore": African Resistance, War, and the Law on Hispaniola, 1520-1550

"Metallic MoS₂ nanosheets as super capacitors"

"Extrapolating polymer viscosity with laser dewetting"

"Single middle-class African-American women’s perceptions of childbearing opportunities"

"Imaging of Spinal Tissues using Optical Microscopy Techniques"

"Effects of varying electrolytes in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs)"

"Characterization of a custom-built, open-source micromotion bioreactor"

"The Campus Climate Sexual Assault Survey and Sexual Minority Student Victimization"

"The effect of a quiz on intertemporal planning with temptation, or anticipating your lazy disorganized self"

"Synthesis of a Series of tetrahydrobenzonaphthyridines as Novel Anti-Malarials"

"Interspecies comparative analysis of tRNA-derived RNA fragment (tRF) expression"

"Epigenetic Regulation of MDR1 Expression in Human Blood-brain Barrier Cells"

"Assessing the role of ribosomal association for SBP2L by probing fractions of rabbit reticulocyte lysates"

"I SPY Who's in Power: Modeling of Energy Consumption"

"Traumatic brain injury induces neural stem cell activation"

"Bioaugmentation of Chemours Chambers Works AOC1 inactive locations"

"Contribution of Activating Transcription Factor 4 (ATF4) to the Hepatic Integrated Stress Response in Mice undergoing Dietary Methionine Restriction"

"Examining the contribution of the microbiota to the healthy aging AC5KO phenotype"

"Analysis and Fabrication of Proof of Concept Actuator"

"Optimization of PEGDA/AA Hydrogel for Skeletal Muscle Tissue Engineering Scaffold Fabrication Using 3D Printer"

"Hydrothermal coatings of Y₂O₃ on Al₂O₃ substrates"

"Codon usage bias and strandedness in CRESS DNA viral genomes"

"Ghetto Flowers: Young Black Women and Social Isolation in Philadelphia"

"Damage responses induced by the sulfur mustard analog mechlorethamine in human HaCaT keratinocytes"

"Dasatinib’s effect on the heat shock response in C. elegans"

"Investigation of novel composites materials for engineered tissue scaffolds"

"Optimization of computational tools for protein design and structure analysis"

"Ammonia evolution reaction in ambient conditions"

"Adsorption and Degradation of Chemical Agents on Mesoporous Metal Oxides"

"Ionic surfactants in the processing of inorganic polymers"

"Self-Assembling Peptides: Characterization of Nanostructures"

"Predicting academic achievement in urban middle school students using classroom relationships and social-emotional and character development (SECD) reflection and feedback"

"Regulation of glutaminase in GRM1-expressing melanoma cells"

"Dynamic Changes in Auditory Brainstem Response Associated with Sound Training and Extinction"

"Correlating enzymes to antimicrobial resistance in the Protein Data Bank"

"Comparing the morphology of neurons derived from Tuberous Sclerosis patients and controls"

"The effect of piezoelectricity on human mesenchymal stem cell differentiation"

"The efficacy of a novel nanoparticle as a delivery mechanism

for miR-7 to SH-SY5Y cells"

"A comparative analysis of carbon fiber reinforced polymers and graphene reinforced polymer matrix composites"

"Native Free Radical Mediated Crosslinking of Functionalized PEGs as a Targeted Delivery Mechanism"

"Analyzing the expression of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor in wild-type and mutant Bowes melanoma cells"

"Modeling and improvement of constant pressure cake filtration"

"The impact of Vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome mutations on integrin-to-collagen III binding"

Jenna T. Abyad

Sadiyah Malcolm

Faculty Mentor

Christine Zardecki

Deirdre O'Carroll

Steven Silverstein

Kimberly Cook-Chennault

Ronke Olabisi

Martha Soto

Ioanni P. Androulakis

Adam Gormley

Ping Xie

Marsha  Bates

Ronke Olabisi

Walter Rucker; Kim Butler

Manish Chhowalla

Jon Singer

Dawne Mouzon; Peter Guarnaccia

Mark Pierce

Lisa Klein

Jay C. Sy

Judy Postmus

Barry Sopher

Spencer Knapp

Jinchuan Xing

Lauren Aleksunes

Paul Copeland

Hana Godrich

Li Cai

Donna Fennell

Tracy Anthony

Sara Campbell

Kimberly Cook-Chennault

Joseph Freeman

Richard Riman

Siobain Duffy

Patrick Carr;  Lauren Krivo

Jeffrey D Laskin

Federico Sesti

Kimberly Cook-Chennault

Vikas Nanda

Charles Dismukes

Alexander Neimark

Masanori Hara

Meenakshi Dutt

Maurice Elias

Suzie Chen

Kasia Bieszczad

Christine Zardecki

Gabriella D'Arcangelo

Ronke Olabisi

Charles Roth

Tom Nosker

David Shreiber

Kyle Murphy

Nina Shapley

David Shreiber

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