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RISE 2021 Scholars Amy Wu Wu and Mickayla Bacorn Awarded Pauling Poster Prize

Congrats to Amy and Mickayla for each being recognized with a Pauling Poster Prize at the American Crystallographic Association’s annual meeting! Their posters were a part of the work they conducted during the RISE 2021 Summer Program. This summer Amy was mentored by Stephen K. Burley in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology while Mickayla was mentored by Sagar Khare in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. You can see Amy's and Mickayla's poster presentations from the 2021 Summer Symposium here.

The Pauling Poster Prize was established by the ACA and is supported by member contributions, to honor Linus Pauling. Pauling was one of the pioneers in American structural research and was a very supportive member of the ACA for many years. At each annual meeting, not more than (7) best graduate or undergraduate poster presentations receive Pauling awards.

Pauling Poster Prizes (there are three of these awards; all ranked equally)

PS1-23/861 Amy Wu Wu, University of Puerto Rico, “Bioinformatics and 3D Structural Analysis of the Coronavirus Main Protease Active Site Diversity”

PS1-20/845 Claire Overly, Purdue University, “The role of BAM in mediating Fusobacterium nucleatum infection and pathogenesis”

PS1-22/860 Mickayla Bacorn, University of Maryland, “Biochemical analysis and review of the active site evolution of SARS-CoV-2 and other coronaviruses.”

More information about the Pauling Poster Prize can be found at (currently shows 2020).

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