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Congrats to Winners of 5 Minute Presentation Competition!

Four women in a row, holding bags sith blue ribbons.
From left to right: Silver medalists Jailen Doyle and Isabela Cruz-Vespia, gold medalists Amanda Derrell and Sarah Sywanycz

On Friday, July 22nd, RISE held our Mini-Symposium where our 2022 scholars participated in 5 Minute Presentations. The Mini-Symposium highlighted the scholarship and research of the undergraduate participants of several cooperating summer programs. Rutgers faculty mentors, often assisted by post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, research staff or other undergraduates, guide the summer students. The participants include undergraduates from Rutgers and from institutions across the US and its territories. In addition to 10 weeks of immersion in Rutgers research laboratories, students engage in workshops and developmental activities related to communication skills, career awareness, and professional and scientific development, along with social activities.

The presentations were also judged for comprehension, content, engagement, and communication. We thank our judges for volunteering for the day. After tallying up the scores, we celebrated our winners!

Gold Medalists:

Amanda Derrell, mentored by Dr. Jenny Wang, presented "Promoting awareness of core numerical ability and its influence on math anxiety"

Sarah Sywanycz, mentored by Dr. Paul Breslin, presented "The anti-inflammatory drug Ibuprofen inhibits sweet taste"

Silver Medalists:

Jailen Doyle, mentored by Dr. Bozena Michniak-Kohn, presented "Development and Characterization of Diclofenac Loaded Liposomes"

Isabela Cruz-Vespia, mentored by Dr. Samantha Farris, presented "Emotion Dysregulation and Nicotine Consumption: Assessing the Moderating Role of Physical Activity Among Female Daily Smokers"

Our gold medalists will also be presenting their 5MPs at our Annual Symposium on August 3rd. Click here for more information on that event! Congratulations again to our winners, and also to ALL our scholars who presented interesting and engaging presentations at the mini-symposium!

Woman standing in front of powerpoint presentation at the front of a classroom.
Gold medalist Sarah Sywanycz giving her presentation entitled "The anti-inflammatory drug Ibuprofen inhibits sweet taste"

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