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RISE Alum Entry into Graduate School or Workforce

Master's (17%)

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 11.30.06

PhD (51%)

MD (7%)

PharmD (4%)

MBA, JD, DPT (1%)

Field related workforce (18%)

Entered workforce outside of field (2%)

The RISE Experience

Alum Spotlight

We would like to recognize Jonathan Colon for the successful completion of his Ph.D. in Chemical & Biochemical Engineering! Jonathan is a RISE alum from 2012. After his summer experience he applied and was accepted into the Rutgers graduate program. Jonathan became a RISE resident assistant for three years and has assisted us at numerous recruiting events throughout the years. We greatly appreciate his contributions to Rutgers and the broader academic community. His dedication and involvement exemplify what RISE and its mission are all about.


Rise was an enriching experience for my present and future in science and also gave me the opportunity to meet extraordinary people.

                                         -Yanira Gonzales Rodriguez

                                                   RISE 2016

"This summer, I embarked on a journey to challenge and succeed my own limits of tenacity, critical-thinking, and self-confidence. RiSE has given me the opportunity to strengthen my scientific identity and to see that I am capable of much more than I ever imagined."

                                                 -Jordan Troutman

                                                   RISE 2018

"The RISE Program gave me a taste of what it is like to be a full-time researcher. Aside from my area of focus, I learned about the thought process behind setting up experiments, and had a great opportunity for networking with excellent peers and mentors."

                                                 -Esteban Bermúdez

                                                   RISE 2018

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