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Abdulraouf Abdulraouf
Rutgers University, Cell Biology & Neuroscience Major

Developing a novel model for studying depressive-like behavior in rats

Co-participant in RUP-IMSD Program





Raheel Ahmad
Rutgers University, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

Enrichment of Small Molecule Representation in the Protein Data Bank








Chiemelum (Pamela-Mary) Amechi
University of Maryland Baltimore County, Biological Sciences

Enhancing ligands in the Protein Data Bank

Co-participant in Protein Data Bank

"RiSE gave me the opportunity to explore a different research area."






Laura Azouz
Michigan State University, Chemical Engineering

Computational design of auto-inhibited chemotherapeutic enzyme using Rosetta

Co-participant in Rosetta Commons





Donna Brunnquell
Grinnell College, Mathematics

Examination of climate model precipitation over the Amazon using linear unidimensional scaling

"RiSE gave me the confidence, support and encouragement to apply to graduate school."


Samantha Cobos
Pace University, New York City, Chemistry

Understanding protein adsorption to TEMPO-oxidized cellulose I

Co-participant in SOPS (Structured Organic Particulate Systems)


"RiSE has helped me get out of my comfort zone and find what it is I'm truly passionate about."



Dean Coco
California Polytechnic State University, Pomona, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Allocating privacy risk across multiple stages of a machine learning pipeline

"The RiSE program has allowed me to do translational research and the opportunity to expand my network with other top scholars."



Alvin Crespo
University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, Biological Sciences

Analyzing the mutational spectrum of RNA bacteriophage Φ6 host-range mutants


"Awesome experience! It made me grow both as a person and as a scientist and reinforced my decision to pursue graduate studies."





Keyerra Daniels
Winthrop University, Biochemistry

Bringing biological pathways to life

Co-participant in Protein Data Bank

"A life-changing experience that encouraged me to learn more, do more, and be more."




Emily DiMartini
The College of New Jersey, Biomedical Engineering

Free radical scavenging potential of acrylated polyethylene glycol polymers for application in traumatic brain injury treatment

Co-participant in the Cellular Bioengineering (CB) REU


"RiSE give me the opportunity to perform research and the motivation to pursue higher education."


Katya Echazarreta
San Diego Community College, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Top-down and Sensory Processes in Volitionally Reversing Depth of Painted and Unpainted Stimuli

"RiSE allowed me to form meaningful friendships with people from all over the country."




Iris Escobar
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Biochemistry

Identification of unique markers to distinguish macrophage populations in mouse models resembling fatty liver disease

Co-participant in SURF


"The support from my mentors was incredible."




Marisa Gliege
Washington State University, Chemical Engineering

Co-participant in CENTC








Yanira Gonzalez Rodriguez
University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, Microbiology

Role of Topoisomerase II-beta in Neuronal Migration in vitro

Co-participant in the Cellular Bioengineering (CB) REU


"An enriching experience for my present and future in science."





Bryan Gutierrez
Pacific Lutheran University, Chemistry

Fabrication and Evaluation of Camptothecin Prodrug-loaded Microparticles.

"I believe now that graduate school and a Ph.D is the next step towards my career."


​​Kelsey Gwynne
Wagner College, Chemistry

Photoluminescence stability of blue organic phosphorescent materials on silver nanostructured surfaces

"RiSE has taught me so much about various science fields, industry jobs, and graduate school."




Maria Hawayek
University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, Biological Sciences

Hijacking cerebrospinal fluid dynamics: investigating effects of drugs on cancer cell lines

Co-participant in the Cellular Bioengineering (CB) REU

"I met great mentors and formed great friendships that will last throughout my life."



Jessica Johnson
Hunter College - CUNY, Physics

Proton conductivity in re-stacked graphene oxide with embedded graphene oxide fibers

"The experience surpassed my expectations!"



Lorne Joseph
University of the Virgin Islands, Chemistry

A novel solution for powering our planet: Comparative study of a novel Titania sol and a Titania powder for the improved efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells


"RiSE has been an incredible learning and growing experience."



Cora Kerber
Transylvania University, Biochemistry

Role of the eIF2 kinase PERK on whole body and hepatic stress responses to dietary methionine restriction

"RiSE provided insight into to a wide variety of future career paths."




Jamal Keyes
Jackson State University, Physics

The development and characterization of polyelectrolyte polymer-peptide nanoplexes for antimicrobial applications

Co-participant in the Cellular Bioengineering (CB) REU


"The RiSE program allowed me to become more independent in a laboratory setting."



German Lagunas-Robles
California Polytechnic State University, Pomona, Biotechnology

Implications of Codon Evolvability on RNA Virus Genome Structure


"This experience helped shape my career interests and will guide me through graduate school!"





Ferralita Madere
Xavier University, Biology

Finding bottom quarks with the CMS detector at the LHC

Co-participant in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute


"RiSE gave me the opportunity to conduct great independent research and make valuable social and academic connections."



Alexander Magsam
University of Nebraska- Lincoln, Biomedical Engineering

Skeletal visualization in rat embryos using optical projection tomography and a novel clearing agent

Co-participant in the Cellular Bioengineering (CB) REU

"This program answered all my questions about graduate school!"


Anna Karen Orta
University of Texas, El Paso, Biochemistry

Investigating brain metastases from primary melanoma using luminescent or fluorescent-tagged melanoma cells

"RiSE confirmed my decision to pursue a PhD. It was a wonderful experience to network and make new friendships."


José Pagán Muñoz
University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, Chemical Engineering

Development of “breathable” humidity-responsive biocompatible hydrocolloid films for food and health applications

Co-participant in SOPS (Structured Organic Particulate Systems)


"I was able to perform research at the crossroads of food science, chemical engineering, and biomedical engineering. I left with a much better idea of where I want to go and how to get there."


Caroline Paz
Rutgers University, Biological Sciences

The Role of Polypyrimidine Tract Binding Protein Isoforms on CD40Ll Expression

Co-participant in RUP-IMSD Program

"I've met amazing people and learned valuable skills from my mentors"


​​Jade Redding
University of Miami, Mathematics

Modeling, estimation, and control of a quadrotor

"I am more sure about graduate school, and have memories that will last a lifetime!"


Ye Joon Seo
City College Of New York, Chemical Engineering

The formation of vesicles through the modification of tyrosine-derived ABA tri-block copolymer membranes

Co-participant in SOPS (Structured Organic Particulate Systems)

"I'd like to thank the RiSE and SOPS programs for the opportunity to expand my knowledge and confirm my future path."




Frederick Stephens
Univ Alabama, Birmingham, Chemistry

Alpha Functionalization of Amine

"RiSE has given me invaluable insight and experience to help choose my career path."


Mary Frances Stofan
New Mexico State University, Chemistry

Analysis of the bile acid synthetic pathway in the absence of enzymes, CYP7A1 and CYP27A1

Co-participant in SURF

"The RiSE and SURF programs helped me gain a better understanding of what graduate school entails."


Michael Swierczynski
SUNY College at Buffalo, Chemistry

Synthesis & characterization of sulfated zirconium-tin mixed oxide catalyst

Co-participant in SOPS (Structured Organic Particulate Systems)

"RiSE and SOPS have solidified my decision to pursue a PhD in inorganic chemistry."


Caitlyn Tobita
Chaminade University of Honolulu, Biochemistry

Characterizing recovery and adaptation after exercise in C. elegans

Co-participant in SURF

"The RiSE and SURF programs gave me the opportunity to reach outside my comfort zone, to network with others and to explore careers."


Kurt Wagner
Rowan University, Mechanical Engineering

Influencing Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation Through Substrate Topography

Co-participant in the Cellular Bioengineering (CB) REU


"Working in a biomedical engineering lab was invaluable, but the best part was the connections made with other RiSE scholars."


​​Caroline Wood
The College of New Jersey, Biomedical Engineering

Optimization of electroactive hydrogel characteristics for use in a composite skeletal muscle scaffold

Co-participant in the Cellular Bioengineering (CB) REU

"This opportunity helped me to realize how much I love research!"


Aliza Yazdan
Carleton College, Chemistry

Co-participant in CENTC

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